Archive: November 21, 2014
Ernest Tubb Collectible - song on a placemat

The Downtowner Placemat In March, 1975 several members of the Cripps and Bishop family were having breakfast at the Downtowner Inn in Jackson, Mississippi. Shortly after we arrived a tall fella, with an even taller cowboy hat, came in and sat down a short distance from us. He kept staring over toward our table and finally he got up, walked

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Moving Up A Teat

I Am An Agrarian As John Crowe Ransom wrote in 1930, “It is out of fashion in these days to look backward rather than forward. About the only American given to it is some unreconstructed Southerner, who persists in his regard for a certain terrain, a certain history, and a certain inherited way of living.” It is a matter of

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