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Man Up Mississippi

Many of you will note that I have not written anything new for this blog in quite some time. It’s not due to idleness. I have been quite busy researching and writing for my new organization: Man Up Mississippi, as well as the Man Up Boot Camp. Many of you know I have written much and given several public speeches

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Moving Up A Teat

I Am An Agrarian As John Crowe Ransom wrote in 1930, “It is out of fashion in these days to look backward rather than forward. About the only American given to it is some unreconstructed Southerner, who persists in his regard for a certain terrain, a certain history, and a certain inherited way of living.” It is a matter of

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Real Men Dig Jesus

Real Men Dig Jesus & Real Christians Are Warriors! Surely you’ve seen the bumpersticker, “Real men love Jesus.” Having just finished an article titled “Women dig real men,” it seemed appropriate to carry the masculine ideal a bit further into other areas. In this article I will discuss why I believe the modern church has become so wimpy and caponized.

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Women dig Real Men

Real Men vs. Wimps & Wannabes Women will tell you there are men, and there are REAL MEN. If you ask them to give a simple description of what they mean by real men, they will usually sum it up in one word, “confident.” In survey after survey, the overwhelming majority of women say confidence is top of the list

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Spare the Rod, Hate the Child

Modern parents think they’ve got it all figured out. They believe they can spare the rod in discipline, and replace it with “time-outs,” “groundings” and other psychological nonsense. Look around people, it’s not working! When I was young, old-fashioned Biblical discipline was still in effect. Schools were orderly, as were households. Today, both realms of authority are total chaos. Instead,

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I need discipline

Undisciplined Discipline – It Makes Sense to Me The Bible states that “Man looks to the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.1” The Bible ain’t never lied! Typically, people form opinions about each other based on superficial observations of what they see. But if we could pierce the outer crust and gaze deep down into the dark

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over-thinking photo by John Cripps

Over-Thinking is Bondage You might wonder why John Cripps would be writing an article criticizing the process of “over-thinking.” Its true how you constantly hear me railing against people who never seem to use their brain at all. You would guess I’d have an appreciation for those who spend too much time thinking out an issue. Deep thought and critical

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Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

FACT OR BERRY TALE What’s the secret? That is the question I am asked time and time again as people stand in disbelief when, for the first time, they learn my age. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pull out my driver’s license to prove how old I am. Almost everyone puts my age at 12-16

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