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This past July Jen and I, along with my two grandsons J.T. And Kaleb, embarked on our great 2015 Alaskan adventure. The first day we headed to Talkeetna where we had reservations at the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. I had chosen Talkeetna so I could photograph Mt. Denali (McKinley), some of the old downtown structures and, of course, the old railroad

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Independence Mine - Cripps Kids

This past July Jen and I, along with my two grandsons J.T. And Kaleb, embarked on our great 2015 Alaskan adventure. The first day we took in the Talkeetna area, and the second day we set out for Hatcher Pass. It was a chilly, dreary day which reminded me that the only thing predictable about Alaskan weather is its unpredictability.

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Hunting Island Jennifer Cripps

On our recent trip to South Carolina to attend our son Pätrick’s Marine Graduation ceremony we took a side trip to shoot some coastal photos. Hunting Island is a 5000 acre State Park located near Beaufort, South Carolina. This secluded semitropical barrier island has been spared the encroaching development ubiquitous throughout the Lowcountry. The island was once a hunting preserve

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John Cripps Photography

A Smartphone Doesn’t Make You A Photographer I recently read an article about how “everyone is now a photographer” because of the ubiquitous smartphone. Granted a smartphone camera can be handy, but it doesn’t make you a photographer any more than a hammer makes you a carpenter, or a chisel makes you a sculptor. These are tools, and they can

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Jack Bruce & The Crown Prince - Squirrel in tree

Jack Bruce & The Crown Prince I don’t know why I’ve always been fascinated by squirrels. After all, they are basically rats with bushy tails. They may look cute in a country setting perched atop a fence post gnawing on acorns, but they can be major pests in the city as they take residence in your attic. I have experienced

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Grand Gulf Cemetery

On a recent photo shoot in the Vicksburg, Mississippi area, my wife and I decided to stop by and photograph two very old cemeteries. The first is the Cedar Hill Cemetery a.k.a. City Cemetery in Vicksburg. The other is the Grand Gulf Cemetery located in the Grand Gulf Military Park. After returning home, I thought it would be fun to

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Windsor Ruins Photo by John Cripps

Windsor Ruins are the remains of one of the great antebellum mansions located along the Mississippi River. It can be accessed off Rodney Road, near Port Gibson, in Claiborne County, Mississippi. At a quick glance you might think the great home was burned, as were so many others, by Yankee soldiers during the War of Northern Aggression. However, it was

Read on brother… is the place where professional photographers, from around the world, hang out and display their best photos for rating and critique. Four out of nine photos I posted Monday received Pulse Ratings of 85+, which is really good. I’m honored because I am not worthy to carry the camera bag of many of the 500px photographers!

I’ve been photographing children for a long long time. It’s not an easy thing, but it helps when you have a real photogenic subject. My step-daughter is not always cooperative, but when she is the photos are fun! Here are some recent samples…

Cripps Family Caribbean Cruise

Jennifer and I took the four remaining children in the household, along with step-mom, on a five day cruise to the Yucatan Peninsula. While in Cozumel, we took a taxi down to Paradise Beach and snapped some great shots. The next day in Progreso, we took a side trip to the Mayan ruins at Dzibilchaltun where there were numerous great

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Three of my children graduated this May. Nathaniel graduated from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College with a degree in Graphics Design. Pätrick and Dixie graduated from Stone High School. Dixie will start at MGCCC in August. Pätrick has joined the Marines and will enter Boot Camp in October. He plans to do four years of military service then attend college.