The reason I took two weeks off from writing was to work on a website devoted to showcasing my house in Foxworth, Mississippi. It’s been on the market for 10 months with very little interest. I went to the real estate company’s website and the photos were small. They were shot in the wintertime where everything looked dead.The place appeared to be void of any charm. I wouldn’t have wanted to go see it. I don’t blame them, it’s the nature of the business. Homes get photographed and posted to cookie cutter real estate sites.

The truth is, it is a beautiful home, surrounded by tall hardwoods in a rural, yet convenient location. It has three porches/decks, a detached work shop with its own driveway, and even a creek. What’s more its priced to sell quickly.

I woke up at 4:00 a.m. the other day and got the idea for the website. Being a web designer, I have often believed real estate companies should showcase their best houses, take professional photographs and tell a story. None would ever listen. Here, I took my basic idea and expanded on it. Through this website, you not only take a tour of the house, but you get a story along with it. There are photo galleries of the remodeling projects every step of the way. The house becomes alive and personable. You see people living there and kids having fun.

Well that’s what I’ve been doing with my spare time. Let’s see if my idea works, and the home sells!

You can visit the site at

Update: December 20, 2014
The house website is now the fourth most visited site on my server. It gets more traffic than my Mojo Foxx Business website and my Mojo.Sexy Photography website COMBINED! It has been featured by the Real Estate group on Reddit, and has landed us an average of 2-3 inquiries per week. Exactly one week to the day after posting it, I received my first offer on the home since I originally put it up for sale.