A couple of years ago one of my contractor clients was pouring a slab at my house. I took him on a tour of my wife’s artwork and, at the end, he asked “She sees the world different from the rest of us, doesn’t she?” He was amazed at all the different works of art Jennifer had painted and constructed…and he meant it as a compliment. While Jen appreciates many styles of artwork, she favors that which is fresh and outside-the-box. She sees art in bottle caps, paperclips, buttons, puzzle pieces, tree bark, broken sea shells, rusty spikes, barbed wire and even burnt encyclopedia pages…just to name a few. If you give her a handful of fingernail clippings and wait about five minutes, she’ll hand you back a piece of art…I guarantee it!

Around here, I can’t throw anything away without asking permission first. If its something rusty, you can forget tossing it! She would rather have something old, worn and rusty than new, sealed and shiny. I’ve been told I should charge admission to my office as it is like a historical museum. Well, a tour of our home is like an outside-the-box art museum, so whip out your wallet. Her work is so diverse that it would take a large gallery to cover it all. I am posting photos below of some samplings from around our house as she sells some of her work to friends, online or at the local consignment store.

Jennifer Cripps Artwork

I would like to explain some of the items found below:

1. The mural is on our back porch, and makes a great backdrop to the “Tiki” island motif.
2. The seashell wall hanging was the first thing she made for me after a trip to Panama City, Florida. I had no idea why she was collecting bottle caps and broken shells.
3. The “flower” arrangement is also made from small sea shells. She made several of these and gave them away for Mother’s Day gifts.
4. The Beatles painting is actually her second one. She painted one for my son’s birthday directly on his door. When he got a new room, she decided to paint another one on a piece of plywood so he can always remove it and take it with him. She has done several pieces of rock-n-roll art for my youngest son.
5. The framed paper art was made from encyclopedias being thrown away. Jen burnt the edges and assembled the pages into some interesting art. She also does extraordinary wood burning art.
6. The white wall hanging (in three pieces) was my first Christmas present from Jen. She made it from painted puzzle pieces. If you look closely you’ll spot a guitar, trumpet, piano, drum, and two people dancing. I play guitar and Jen plays trumpet. This hangs in our living room.
7. The skillet hanger is “L” shaped because it used to reside in another spot. The scrolls are one continuous “line.” She started in one corner and ended in the opposite one. We also have a grey and black one for pots and pans.
8. “The Pit” is made from rusty nuts, bolts and spikes found in an old bucket. It resides at our grilling deck.
9. The “Welcome” sign is made from twisted barbed wire on old barn wood. It hangs on our front porch.
10. The painted guitars were props at our “Rock-n-Roll Wedding.”
11. The fringed rock shirts are a recent project of hers. She has done several of them and listed them for sale online.
12. The “Pirate” art was a recent birthday present. She cut all the wood herself, painted them and finished them off with jute.
13. All around the porches are paintings on wood, metal objects and rocks.
14. The cooking bar next to the grill was constructed of all barn wood. She did it all by herself.

Jen gave me some photos of some of her doodle and island paintings from earlier in the year, as well as a sampling of some of her zebra print art.