I am no stranger to blogging. I did it before it was kewl…even before it was called a “blog.” They were originally known as “weblogs.” For roughly a decade I wrote on various subjects as diverse as history, politics, theology, economics, common law, news commentary, technology, web design, photography, recipes, agrarianism and so forth. Of particular recurring relevance was my writings on character, virtue and duty.

Why did I stop? I got tired. I was expected to write routinely and sometimes I just didn’t feel like it. Oftentimes, other priorities were more pressing. I didn’t get paid so I felt annoyed by people who demanded quick replies when they wanted to argue a point.

Why am I starting again? Once more I feel like writing. I have been encouraged by both my wife, Jennifer, and my friend Dr. Marcus Weekley. I do have a different agenda this time around. I plan to mainly write to my children and grandchildren. I have always wanted to write an autobiography because I have lived such an interesting and adventurous life. Several times I set down to plan an outline, but never got very far. I would rather tell my story through lessons I’ve learned. I want to continue writing on things such as character, honor, virtue, duty and loyalty because I believe these things are becoming more and more rare in modern society. I plan to write on the subject of health and lifestyle because, likewise, I believe America is going down a dangerous path.

Is this blog intended to win you over to my opinion? The older I get, the more I just don’t care about anyone’s opinion. There are too many people with glazed-over eyes and stoic faces who form their opinions based on television, cinema and the evening news. They do not have the free-thinking ability to think and reason deeply. Most people do not even know what “critical thinking” means. So…no, I am not trying to win you over to my opinion, and I do not want to argue with you about differing points of view. As I said, this blog is for posterity. Though you may not be related, you are free to read the posts but I have neither time, nor inclination, to argue with you over disagreements. Remember, I am saying this upfront, so no hard feelings.

In closing, I hope to write somewhat routinely, but there are no promises. I am a very busy man, and I suppose you could call this a hobby. If I am too busy, I may from time to time, sprinkle in some older writings, recipes, quotes or other things to show I have not yet passed into eternity. I am also plan to post some of my photographic work even though I have a separate website for that located at www.mojo.sexy.



Photo Credit: Dixie Cripps – Pregreso, Mexico June 2014