The Cliff Notes Version:John Cripps

I am John Cripps…outside-the-box in most every way. I am a world traveler but currently domiciled in my home state of Mississippi. I have five sons, one daughter, eight grandchildren (so far) and two great-grandchildren (so far). I am a debt-free, content man in a restless world of discontent.

My main paying gig is web & graphic design, though I’ve made much more money as a professional accountant catering to the construction industry. If I had my way, I’d be making a living from my two main hobbies of music and photography. As a musician I am mainly a singer, songwriter and guitarist…rock only! As a photographer, my main genre would be landscape photography though I am starting to migrate more into portraiture and portrait refinishing.

I am a writer and public speaker with over 800 career public addresses. I write/speak on numerous subjects including: history, politics, theology, economics, common law, privacy rights, news commentary, critical thinking, technology, web design, photography, agrarianism, music, and even recipes. Of particular recurring relevance is my emphasis on manhood, honor, loyalty, character, virtue and duty.

They say a successful blog should be about one subject only. It should cater to people seeking a certain train of thought. In my first post, I made it clear this blog was started for my family – in particular, my children. It’s an open Internet and everyone is free to read my posts, but please understand I write about so many diverse things because I am into so many diverse things! This is who I am.

I have begun writing my autobiography on this blog. As this is directed toward my family, it may be of little concern to people who do not know me. Then again, much of it will contain life’s lessons, so there may be something useful to glean from. Not every grape in the cluster may be for you…and you might have to spit out a few seeds, but I hope everyone comes away from the blog with something that can benefit them. As I said elsewhere, I really don’t care if you agree with me or not…I just want to make everybody think!

I have strong faith in God which seems to disturb some people because I have long hair and listen to rock and roll. While they sit back and split gnat’s hair attempting to determine who should, and should not, enter the Celestial City…I am living my life day by day as Christ taught me. I try to be honest, loyal, trustworthy, helpful and kind to the best of my ability. I mind my own business, shun drama and gossip, and always close my ears to it.

I live in the country because city life does not appeal to me. I like the quietness, elbow room and breathable air of my homestead. I am about 45 miles equidistance between the cities of Gulfport and Hattiesburg. I like to grow my own food but can’t seem to find as much time for it as I once had. I love to travel and go on photoshoots. I tend to prejudice the beaches over the mountains…but not by much. Some of the favorite places I’ve photographed are Alaska, Bali and the Caribbean.

My websites: (blog) (photography) (web design) (accounting)

I can also be found here: (photography portfolio) (photography portfolio) (for SEO – web design / photography portfolio) (for SEO) (for SEO – Google Authorship only) (to play around in Photoshop Lightroom) (for SEO)

I do not have a Facebook account even though I know it is good for SEO. This is a personal choice as I believe Facebook has done more harm than good to American society. I have a Google+ account because it is the only way to score Google authorship and have access to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. I do not use it for any other purpose. The same with LinkedIn – it is there for SEO purposes only. I do not use it to communicate. I reserve my right to privacy, and no longer post my phone number and email address. 95%+ of phone calls were (and still are) telemarketers. The only way to reach me is by using the contact manager on one of my websites.

Thanks for stopping by…..

John & Jennifer Cripps

John & Jennifer Cripps – Bird Creek Alaska 2011