Many of you will note that I have not written anything new for this blog in quite some time. It’s not due to idleness. I have been quite busy researching and writing for my new organization: Man Up Mississippi, as well as the Man Up Boot Camp. Many of you know I have written much and given several public speeches addressing the declining manhood in America. I see this as a terrible “sign of the times.” Real men are a dying breed. The effect this will have on the future of America can not be underestimated. Man Up Mississippi was created to empower men to live a self-determined life of freedom…to leave behind the apathetic lifestyle of modernity and fulfill their God-given duty to lead, protect and provide. Our country is perishing for lack of backbone and passionate leadership in our families, our churches, and our communities. The new blog is for members-only. It specifically addresses these five factors: Diet & Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Brain Health, Manhood, and Digital Sanity. Interspersed within these main categories are teachings about character & virtue, leadership, and healthy aging.

To prepare for the new organization I spent 18 months “going back to school.” I became an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Management Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Mind/Body Specialist, and Certified TRX Suspension Trainer. I also got a certificate in brain health, functional movement, postural assessment, fitness programming for cardio and resistance training, and more. My retirement gig will be working to restore manhood, while also trying to give men a strong, healthy and fit long life. This will be done through writings in the blog, speeches/workshops, and videos.

At some point, I plan to continue writing for this blog, but it will mainly be autobiographical and things of interest to my family. Thanks!