Great Family Fun at Okatoma Creek

I’ve been taking my children to Seminary Canoe Rental on Okatoma Creek for 13 years now. It is some of the best family fun in South Mississippi. The Okatoma Creek float is eight miles of pure bliss. There are many stretches of quiet, peaceful creek with an old growth canopy of hardwoods. To keep you on your toes there are three waterfalls, and several smaller rapids along the way. There are also numerous sandbars for swimming stops and an elevated dive platform adjacent to Seminary Falls.

Okatoma Creek

Our favorite stopping point is The Chute. There is a large area of carved soapstone as the creek makes a sharp dogleg to the right. A lot of water is forced into a small area creating some “waterpark-type” fun. The kids love to jump in and let the water flow carry them swiftly downstream. We like to go during Summer weekdays when the kids are out of school. You don’t have any of the weekend crowds, and often we pretty much have the creek to ourselves.

There are two outfitters on Okatoma Creek but only one real choice: Seminary Canoe Rental. Some city folks are attracted to the manicured lawn of Okatoma Outfitters, but give me the rustic, tree covered SCR facility any ol’ day. Not to mention you arrive back at your vehicles, and a hot shower, at the end of the float. The other company has you wait on the sandbar for the next available bus back to your vehicle. No thanks, after a long day on the creek with tired kids, I’m ready to hit the showers and grab a bite to eat.

Okatoma Cabins

Okatoma Cabins

I should also mention the four cabins at the Seminary Canoe Rental facilities. Over the years, we have stayed in all of them save the Lil’ Okie Cabin. The other three are on the banks of Okatoma Creek and are room and beautiful. Our favorite is Cypress Lodge (pictured on left). There is a beautiful porch overlooking the creek, a nice concrete stairway down to the creek, and a rope to swing out on. It just doesn’t get much better than that! We also enjoy primitive camping. We like to setup out tents on the SCR sandbar. Satellite photos reveal it is the largest sandbar on Okatoma Creek.

New Website

It’s true that I designed the new Okatoma Creek website from scratch, plus shot all the photography. BUT, this is not a paid advertisement! We go canoeing and kayaking on Okatoma Creek as many times a year as our schedule allows. We really love it that much! Sure, you ought to visit the website, but more importantly you ought to visit Seminary Canoe Rental. Just do it! Leave your air-conditioning for a day and get back to nature. It will be good for your mind, your body and your soul!

Mojo Foxx Pirate