Pätrick Cripps Marine Graduation Part 2

Graduation Day finally arrived. It was December 12th, the birthday of his oldest brother who served in the Air Force. It was a cold windy day but everyone was too excited to care. There is something very impressive about soldiers marching, and these Marines put on a damn good show. Thirteen weeks earlier, they would not have been able to march in unison for the space of ten feet, yet they were in fine form marching through out this large parade ground. 449 kids appeared totally transformed before the eyes of their parents.

Poor Pätrick broke his eyeglasses during the crucible and had them taped together. As you can see from the photos, they hung all cattywampus on his face during the parade. I managed, with permission from the MPs and officers, to wiggle in and out of spots to take photos from different angles. The Marines have a style all their own and who would argue against them having the best uniforms?

After the troops were dismissed we headed over to the eye clinic to get Pätrick’s glasses repaired, then hit the road for Mississippi. The day after returning, Pätrick put on his dress blues and led his old high school band in the Wiggins Christmas Parade. Everywhere we went, he always garnered attention in his uniform. Some congratulated him, others stopped him to chat. One thing for sure, he knew he was special…and forever changed.

Coming April 13, 2015, his older brother, Nathaniel heads off to Air Force Boot Camp at Lackland A.F.B. in San Antonio, Texas…

Photo Credits: all photos ©2014 John Cripps
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