Real Men Dig Jesus & Real Christians Are Warriors!

Surely you’ve seen the bumpersticker, “Real men love Jesus.” Having just finished an article titled “Women dig real men,” it seemed appropriate to carry the masculine ideal a bit further into other areas. In this article I will discuss why I believe the modern church has become so wimpy and caponized. Yes, real men dig Jesus, and the shortage of real men leading the church has left it mostly limp-wristed and defeated. The modern church seems far too timid and ambivalent to conquer the world spiritually for Christ. Professing Christians feel defeated and helpless in a world that appears to grow darker, and more sinful, on a daily basis. They cower in a state of confusion not realizing the Lord has provided, within their reach, everything necessary for victory in this world. They have been given tools, weapons and instructions. All believers need do is step out of the closet and embrace their destiny. Christians are called to be victorious overcomers in this world, not helpless, humiliated losers.

I. The Defeatist Attitude Among Professing Christians

Generally speaking, modern churches are nothing more than sappy, pathetic, meddling social clubs; not exactly the image portrayed in the Bible. Christ said the church is to be like a city on a hill, shining the powerful influence of gospel light for all to see. He has charged his people to go into the world and change it. In fact, the language of Jesus is always one of offense, not defense. It is proactive, not passive. When the Lord yanks our chain, calls us out of the world and into his church…he gives us a mission. He doesn’t expect us to sit in a pew, sing a few hymns, say a prayer or two, then go our way with the benediction: eat, drink and be merry! Rather, we are enlisted men called to fight the good fight of faith. We are to fight evil in all of its manifestations – be it ourselves, our families, our churches, or our civil government.

The Church has become Pessimistic

One of the main problems facing the church today is the lens of modernity through which it sees. The church has become a very pessimistic organization contrary to the Holy Scripture. The church has developed a defeatist attitude as if the world is powerful and invincible, and we poor, weak Christians have to fall in line or get trampled on.

The shortage of real men in modern society has led to the feminization of the church. Yes, the church is still mostly led by men, just not real men. They are weak and effeminate, as described in the previous article. They have no ability to lead their congregations into battle against the forces of darkness. These defeatist pastors preach little hope of earthly victory.

Much of the visible church has become so pathetically weak the men quiver in fear of ungodly rulers in the civil realm. Most households are none the better. They have become dens of chaos, without proper familial leadership. Has the visible church forgotten her charter? Is the church playing the ostrich and sticking its head in the sand?

Where is our vision of victory? Where is the church militant under the headship of the King of kings and Lord of lords? Where is trust in him who rules and reigns over the affairs of men — whose inheritance extends to the uttermost parts of the earth -– who rules with a rod of iron and dashes his enemies to pieces like a potter’s vessel? What a surprise we would get if only we had lenses to see the invisible world!

Our Lord would have his people occupy ‘til he comes. By that, he didn’t mean to occupy space in a closet hiding, and quivering, like a cold Chihuahua. Occupy is a military term, and before you occupy you must first conquer. The Greek word here literally means to be carrying on the Lord’s business. For us, this would be the spread of the gospel and the expansion of his kingdom. Are we not at war? Must we then be pacifists?

Activity vs. Passivity

The Scriptures are full of active not passive commands concerning our warfare. We are to fight the good fight1. We are to wrestle against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places2. We are told to strive to enter the strait gate3. Having entered we are then instructed to run the race to win4, not sit as an idle spectator on the sidelines. We are told elsewhere to strive for the masteries.5

This word strive in the original Greek is a very strong word. It means to contend, or struggle, against opposition, difficulties and dangers; to endeavor with strenuous zeal. The Greek word agonizomai is where we get our English word agonize. That is not all. We are told to labor for the meat which endureth unto everlasting life6. We are told to endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ7.

We could go on and on. To quote the great Christian leader, Patrick Henry, the Scriptures do not command us to “lie supinely on our backs hugging the delusive phantom of hope.” We are to engage the enemy, which is why God gave us the armor, and the weapons of warfare, Paul speaks of in Ephesians Chapter 6. “Christians” today God’s people are no longer living like a victorious people, and so we’ve become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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