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Pätrick Cripps with his platoon

Pätrick Cripps Marine Graduation Part 2 Graduation Day finally arrived. It was December 12th, the birthday of his oldest brother who served in the Air Force. It was a cold windy day but everyone was too excited to care. There is something very impressive about soldiers marching, and these Marines put on a damn good show. Thirteen weeks earlier, they

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Patrick Cripps - Parris Island Barracks

Pätrick Cripps Marine Graduation Part 1 He did it! My son persevered the dreaded Crucible and earned the title, United States Marine. On Sunday, Pearl Harbor Day, he got to make one five minute phone call. It was the first time I’d heard his voice in thirteen weeks. I expected him to sound very different, but he was still very

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Patrick Henry Cripps, son of John Cripps

On August 20th I posted about my daughter, Dixie Lee, heading off to college. Less than a month later, on September 14th, her brother Pätrick Henry Cripps departed for Marines Boot Camp. The next one to go will be Nathaniel, who has initiated paperwork with the Air Force. It’s starting to get eerily quiet around the homestead. Pätrick is my

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