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Real Men Dig Jesus

Real Men Dig Jesus & Real Christians Are Warriors! Surely you’ve seen the bumpersticker, “Real men love Jesus.” Having just finished an article titled “Women dig real men,” it seemed appropriate to carry the masculine ideal a bit further into other areas. In this article I will discuss why I believe the modern church has become so wimpy and caponized.

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Master Gardener

Transformation is an amazing thing. For people, the ability or process to go from one thing to another can bring much hope, or increasing sorrow. Have you ever witnessed a pathetic homo sapien turn into something productive and spectacular? The most far-fetched dream of the alchemist pales in comparison. They merely wanted to create the Philosopher’s Stone to transmute base

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Dr. Francis Nigel Lee

Today I learned that (Rev. Prof. Barrister Dr.) Francis Nigel Lee passed away two years ago this month. Sadly, no one bothered to inform me. Last night I told my wife a story about the good doctor, and this morning I decided to “google” him since I’ve been out of touch for years. Upon learning the news, I sat back

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